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42 days ago
Full-Time - Project Management Support Officer
Brisbane, QLD
42 days ago
Full-Time - Social Media Manager
Brisbane, QLD
Job Seeker
I know I have said it before but I can’t thank Employment Easy enough. You have really helped my spirit and that means so much for me.
42 days ago
Full-Time - Project Management Administrator
Melbourne, VIC
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When we heard that taxis could drive themselves (they’re called Robo-Taxis), we threw our hands in the air and said ‘enough!’ to ancient, time consuming job boards.

At Employment Easy we’ve streamlined the hiring process, using a highly intelligent matching system to connect you with the jobs that match your skill set instantly. Say ‘no more!’ to scrolling through hundreds of job ads just to find one that’s right for you (unless you want to, for fun?) We’ve simplified the search and the application process to make your job search targeted, enjoyable and easy.

Get matched with the jobs you were born to do.

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